Savoring the Flavoring Fave 4

Savoring the Flavoring Fave 4


Atlanta based Food Blogger, Katy Allan, has been cooking up creative, healthy and homemade treats with la luna salt for sometime now. Her discerning palette has made its way through our flavored sea salts and these are her "go to" FAVE 4.  

What's Inside:

  1.  Buttermilk Ranch- Delicate flake sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Has real buttermilk, Green Onion and other spices. 
  2. French Blend- Coarse grain, French grey sea salt. Has celery, Black pepper, Garlic, Onion, & Bell-peppers.  ( Your new "everything" salt ) 
  3. Lemon Rosemary - Fine grain, Kosher sea salt. Has Lemon, Rosemary. 
  4. Ginger Root- Very fine grain sea salt and ginger root.

                        -- Comes with organic Bamboo spoon. 

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